True Self Journey

What is The True Self?

True Self no longer identify with an image, status, emotional or mental affection or separation identity. 


Being is True Self, allowing one to feel without attaching an emotional response. 


The ”story” is no longer holding a meaning or control be it consciously or unconsciously. 


The sense that everything is connected and one is whole and complete is known and one is operating out of it. 

All this and more are an intricate part of the True Self Journey


True Self Journey

On the True Self Journey, one begins to learn to witness and feel oneself, transmuting the energies into useful energies. this is a process that requires one to be aware, responsible and present. This journey isn't a overnight change, rather, It is a journey upon which one willingly participates and learn to celebrate and connect with you one true is without emotionally, spiritually or physically needing anyone or anything to be anything other than who/what they are. This freedom begins another relationship and connect to all of life. 

True Self knows it isn't separate from all that exist, so this is a journey of designed to connect and detach from emotional responses. One that identify all separation aspects of themselves.


The purpose is to intrigue oneself into wholeness within and outside of themselves.

One will reconnect with all elements, find their true voice, vibrational tones, free movements, alkaline life sources and more.

Individual Journey: starting at $300

Includes True Self Kit.

True Self Kit can be purchased separately.

Coach/Partner Journey starting at $500

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