The Journey

It’s easy to get so wrapped up in taking care of others needs that one can forget to take care of themselves.

The world tends to set the stage that , a job, relationships, careers, education, religious obligations, material aspirations and possessions as well as financial status are more important than an individual’s mental, spiritual and physical well-being.

The world speaks of being religiously connected to an organization or group, however,, what about being spiritually grounded and connected to who you truly are?

Often times we create and try to maintain the masks of perceptions and protect fears of being exposed of the deep truths that lives inside, that need to be released and honored instead of being ashamed of or in denial about.

Hurt people hurt others and don’t even realize it. 

They also will hurt themselves while freeing others. They will prefer friends that will protect their false identity rather than stand in the light of truth that one truly desires. 

Even though one may know what they are and how to change, often times not, instead of be accountable and responsible for their own creations, it becomes easier to punish others for not allowing them to be inauthentic or disingenuous, not realizing true love doesn't exist in false reality nor does one take the power of another or  give their powers away.


There in lays "The Journey"  to unravel the programs of suffering, limitations and unworthiness, that for some runs deep as we remember who we truly are.

 There are key markers and planetary alignments, from the most subtle moments to great awakens that occur within everyone lives. The beauty of evolution is that it loves and honors you so much that the longer you live, the more the heavens rain down opportunities to free yourself and live an authentic life. 

If you’re truly open to more and it’s your path, you advance to living as your True Self. 


Being authentic and living as your true self are two different things, much like being whole and complete vs being free. Depending on one’s individual path, one can open up and create just enough changes to keep some pressures or the appearances of being ok, because they attract others to do the work, thus, never have to carry their own crosses.


 I’ve discovered that it’s not a bad thing, just different. 


We are all here inspiring each other to change, transform and evolve, sometimes at the expense of oneself, however, we all are arriving at a destination only to discover a lesson is on loop and their personal truths are still unfolding and unfulfilled, thus becoming yet another journey to be experienced.

Regardless of where you are at in your personal development, REMEMBER this is a journey not a destination. 

The mind is perceiving the movie called life and the Higher Self is the writer of one's script written before entering and coming through the darkness of  Mother's womb. We forget to remember.

Whatever one’s personal journey is, it is important, especially at this very transformative spiral period of human/spirit history to be clear about who you truly are?  what type of life is one creating for oneself and others? and why? 


These is just one of many self realizations one will be called to become clear about instead of just existing.

or one can continue to just exist and flow along with whatever comes If that works for you. know it is right for you . If you are reading this page , then listen deeper within... something is up for review and possible release..

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