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"I meet Alisha two years ago. Meeting her was definitely a divine plan. When we met I was affiliated with a Christian Church. I was unsure how my new spiritual belief's were going to fit in that setting. She lead me to my new church home were I can practice my new found spiritual beliefs. Along with that I yearned for a true connection with myself and I wanted to resolve the unrest in my spirit. She taught me how to do just that. She gave me the tools to do my own work.

Alisha's motto "I work with the willing." If you're going to work with her she's not going to do the work for you! You have to do it for yourself. When you do the work for yourself it is definitely rewarding throughout your journey.

Alisha is very intuitive and she received messages from a higher power to clarify or to assist you on your life journey.

Working with Alisha has brought healing physically and mentally. I was able to conceive a child something that most doctors suggest it would only happen after removing my fibroid. In addition to healing, I have a developed better relationship with family and friends. She taught me how to heal my own body clearing negative and emotions. I also have a different out look on life as she always teach to look within.

Alisha is down to earth, knowledgeable, and connected to the spirit to lead you where you should go. After she leads you, she steps aside  giving you the tools for you to fix your life. Doing the work is not always easy, but if you have been led to her there is a true blue print and design for your life, to live and vibrate on a higher level!

I am grateful for Alisha! From the depths of my soul, I love and appreciate her.

Start your journey today and book a service with Alisha! 

It was one of the best decisions I've ever made!"


Alicia Detroit, Mi

"The mirror Alisha provides is so complete, so exceptionally tailored to every aspect of yourself, so scientifically accurate it’s uncanny. To see yourself mapped out with Human Design Chart Readings, in such detail is very liberating and inspiring to live a life you always felt you deserved in harmony of your challenges and gifts to best serve your highest self and the collective consciousness.

I feel you could never have enough readings with human design as there are so many layers to the totality of understanding. I do feel however complete in my reading in the fact that Alisha truly gave me not only an understanding of my personal chart but also conceptually what human design is as a divination and science. That being said I will definitely be needing additional services from her in the immediate future. I am compelled to do specifically the Body Soul Crystal Grid Service and the Soul 2 Soul Liberation services next. 

When you find someone so intimately connected to Source, someone who is such an advanced Soul, one who is committed to progressing the whole, it is difficult to not want to know more. I believe strongly that there are those that are sent as guides, those that are part of our original Soul family, those that are vessels to remind us of that which we once already knew. Alisha is very much that for me in which I am eternally grateful for. When you find someone whom you can trust to be authentic in their gifts it’s better than finding the perfect doctor or a favorite hair dresser. You become an even energetic exchange which is priceless."

Do you feel the price was worth the service (s)?

"Strongly I would have to say no. Alisha is too humble a servant to truly charge the worthiness of her readings. If I were to break down the amount of time she must have spent typing it all out, much less the research, meditation, and chart calculations she must have invested into it I would have to say I was grossly undercharged for her time and services. I’m not sure I could even put a price on what I received in those pages of information but it would certainly be ten times what I paid for it for sure." 

Would you recommend the service you had to others?

If so, list by order and give a brief description of why you feel this service was beneficial and could assist others.

"I would and have several times and will continue to refer people to Alisha for Human Design Charting Service and other services. Imagine going out of town without googling for directions just blindly driving in search of your final destination. That doesn’t sound logical does it? So why take the most important journey of your Soul’s current destination without knowing what twists and turns to expect ahead, without knowing the fastest route, without knowing what to pack for the road ahead? Now I have my own personal road map and I feel much more equipped for the trip. 

I am eternally grateful for Alisha's time, energy, insight, and willingness to walk in your purpose! As you continue to assist in the expansion of one you expand the collective and for that we/ I/ you are forever indebted.

Peace, love, light, and gratitude Goddess! I look forward to additional services/ soul connections soon."

AyLaina “AnaLyraSis” Thornton of Through Hazel Windows©



As I began down a new path of my journey, I was nervous and unsure. I was  dealing with a stressful job, auxiliary organization issues and balancing a newly blended family.  I was in a very peculiar place in my life.


Alisha helped get to the root of my fears and to let go of some situations and people that were contributing to my stress. The guidance and reassurance she provided aided my as I moved forward with my life and still upholds me today.

Over the years, I have continued to seek Alisha for coaching and accountability. We have a bond and I trust her with my deepest feelings and thoughts.

 I would absolutely recommend Alisha as a Life Coach and Accountability Partner. Alisha is very knowledgeable and spiritually in tune. I will continue to be her client and plan to expand my use of her services.

Nadra, Michigan