Soul Journey


What is the Soul Journey?


The Soul Journey is all about YOU. 

The shadow journey explores who you as it relates to others or mirror experiences, however, the the Soul Journey is focused specifically on who you are, what is your destiny, what are your strengths and weaknesses and much more.


Via various esoteric charting systems, a theme will present itself, to reveal your Divine blueprint. 


Your Soul has been on a journey through many lifetimes leading to this one and heading towards another one. 


No matter how much ”free will” is applied, your Soul keeps pulling you back to YOUR Path and destiny. 


One can try to force their will against the tides, however, the Universe IS in control and if you've had the blessings to live pasted your Saturn Return and into other key planets who spark major changes to occur at certain points within our lives, one can see something greater than themselves requiring changes, acknowledgment, releases and surrendering to, in order to have a consistent stream of peace, harmony, wellness, wellbeing and prosperous Soul Journey.

Soul Work

You will receive a break down of your science and mathematics encoded in your name and birth information, to give you confirmation in some areas and new awareness in others. This includes but not limited to; 12 areas of your life, critical planetary alignments at the time of your birth, the type of energy being you are, your authority center, and other essential components of your Soul’s agreement in this lifetime. 


After you purchase the report, you will have an option to purchase additional insights and tools to better understand, utilize and navigate towards the life your Soul agreed to. 

Starting @ $200

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