Self Love

Soul Work

What is Soul Work?

Soul Work is a Self Love Journey.

Self Love is a Soul Work Journey.

The Self is Soul and Love is the Key

that unlocks the veil of separation

from one's true self.

~ Alisha Roberts


Soul Work consists of;

surrendering to the journey to one’s highest path via realizing that the pains were only present to assist in letting one know one is off their path or to expand in the work in  creating a more harmonious path.

To Do YOUR work is to Love YOU without filters, numbing devices or deflections.

Soul Work allows you to see, understand and judge not, outside of SELF.

"What I want for myself I want for others.'

Divine Law of Reciprocity

 Soul Work is acceptance of your Higher Source, or Self Realizations via ALL Chakra Systems. The I AM knowing part of you.

Give yourself permission to connect and operate within YOUR Divine Birth Right to participate on your behalf. 

Soul Work is accepting that the Universe will never let you settle for anything that isn’t in your highest interests, and there is a strategy to one’s life. LOVE of SELF.


 Soul Work Participants are willing to chose to be present and create without controlling the situation, they choose to be responsible for one’s thoughts and hearts desires and own one true feelings of what is happening in their life.

Participants accept what their law of attraction is because they are either creating it or learning from it. The more you "know thy self" and be more in tune with YOUR Soul, the more you will experience without forcing or experiencing pressure. You will identify the source of it, and decide for yourself how to work through the feelings.


Soul 2 Soul True Self Journey assist the willing by:

* Assist the individual in identifying what is the issue(s).

* Depending on what service within the Self Love Journey one choose, assist one in knowing who they are via esoteric information, then share the conscious and subconscious parts of them, in particularly to the specific issue up for review.

* Identify and strategize healthy ways to work past one’s limit. 

* Share resources that can assist one in grounding and transmuting the energy in healthy ways.

* Kits are available separately, create for the individual and with the purchase of Self Love Journey Package.

By doing the work necessary to feel and experience true fulfillment and harmony within ones life, one’s Soul is Free to create and experience an authentic life.

We all can hear with a purpose and we all can hear being woven into someone’s else story. The biggest challenge is to take responsibility for creating yourself to be a victim or victory of your life without stepping or cursing someone in order to being happy in life. 

Everyone has shadows and triggers that inadvertently sabotage what one really want to happen. Secrets, spoken fears, misperceptions, limited and one-sided viewpoints and hidden thoughts attract what we don’t want to happen, even if we don't mean too. 

Sometimes we are OK with not facing our fears or create the thought we are ok with the way our life are, but in reality, not. The body and life connections can begin to be affected, now anxiety, confrontation, attacks, panic attacks, issolations, pain or disappointments can be experienced. 

 We can also have feelings of being lost, disconnected, overwhelmed, jinxed, stuck, cursed or powerless. However, This is only because we haven’t discovered a Light in the situation or ways we can use the experience to empower ourselves. Once we remember that life is a journey not a destination in the situation, one can discover and feel the Light of any situation, begin to relax and put the pieces of the puzzle of one’s life with more enthusiastic and realistic approaches.

By accessing the Soul and taking responsibility for creating a path that is in more harmonious alignment for and with your journey, one begin to understand the deeper patterns that have been created and transform them into usable tools to navigate your life. Then the True Self emerage. The shift from being Authentic to True Self, naturally flows into Being.

Once the journey of Self Realization and Self Acceptance begins, harmony and peace can be felt. You can then flow through your experiences and begin to experience your true and authentic with acceptance and connectivity.

It is recommended to read each section about "Self" in order to become aware of and determine where you are at in your journey of Self. If you are already aware and ready to begin learning more about "Soul Self" , click here to learn more about Soul self.

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