Soul Self

 The word "Soul" has danced in and out of our senses throughout our life. From songs to religious and spiritual texts, Soul has been trying to tell and connect us to something. But what exactly, has different means and understandings. 

Little did most realize they are one and the same. These two words are interchangeable and used to describe one's consciousness or lack there of one's Inner or unseen energetic life force that expresses itself or not in the world.

Alchemy of Soul Self 

I have come to Innerstand, the word "Soul" much as the definition as essences of The "Divine Mind", and "Infinite Source" existence within the physical body. Because it is Infinite, it experiences itself and evolves within each lifetime.

From an esoteric perspective, Self can be and operate as many personalities, or not, as it relate to a person depending on one's awareness and control or lack there of. This will determine how Self will experience life. "Self" being the physical body,/person, operating or non-operating from a complete connection or consciousness, creates potential energetic blueprints, seen and unseen, in order for the Soul, ie. True Self to emerge and evolve as one. 

Via these experiences in one's lifetime, one will either develop fears or blockages that can appear to be hindering growth or evolution to occur. Even if one appears to be accepting of themselves. This acceptance will be tested through one's life to either strengthen and become in harmony within and outside of Self or become disharmony and adversities will occur, in order to move into a higher state of Self Awareness.  These experiences occur to assist one to life the life they were destined to life and become apart of collective consciousness. 

Past and present states of conditioning has been that we are here to arrive somewhere. There have also been Souls that have demonstrated and written about releasing from others conditioning and living a life free from being conditioned. A pattern has been set that when one lives life long enough, patterns and circles are formed to reflect, we are truly experiencing a journey that others can gain perspectives and choose their own journey.

I use the word "conditioning" as it relates to "programming" or not allowing one to evolve with gentle guidance as it relates to who they are and not what others perceive, need them to be or changing them to fit their idea way of being.

By choosing to first become aware of one's Soul and then what we have experienced and applied layer onto that may have started out as protection, conditioning by others or unaware of our Soul,.

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