Shadow work journey

Shadow and Soul Work Sessions are designed to provide in-depth information to assist them become aware of themselves as it pertains to their conscious and unconscious traits.. 

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In2Me - I - Cee Consciousness


You will begin with answering some questions to tap into what are your strengths and weaknesses. From there, you will dive deeper into identifying your triggers of various emotional or non-emotional reactions.


You will be given various assignments, and tools to assist you through your processes.

Together, we will create a healthy plan for you to follow so that you will be able to feel safe and in control of the conscious phases. This is determined depending on your openness to face your shadows, 


There are levels and degrees to awakening and shining light on your shadow self. Depending on how deep and strong your ego has been protecting and nurturing your shadows, it may be an adventure and changes may occur in order to maintain a healthy state of mind and partnership. 

What To Expect 


  • Speak honest and frank about how one feels adversities and pains.

  • Separate reality vs illusions.

  • Discover a better knowing and acceptance about oneself and how they are creating the experience.

  • Discover themes and repeated experiences.

  • Learn new techniques and how to disrupt the adverse pattern, as well as, change the frequency within.

Starting@ $100


Sankofa Journey















The “Sankofa” is a metaphorical symbol used by the Akan people of Ghana, generally depicted as a bird with its head turned backward taking an egg from its back.


This has many symbolic meanings, however it clear that revisiting one's past (bird looking backwards with egg) can assist one in their present life in order to make positive progress and creations for one's future.


Sankofa is a very important part of moving forward in one’s life. For some, it may take a moment or moments, season or seasons or several moments and seasons over the course of one’s lifetime.


Because we are all unique and have our individual purpose in the world, often times than not, we are limited either within or outside ourselves based on ignorance. 


To be ignorant simply means to not know, however pride can either prevents or assist us to know, in order for true unity to occur.


Unity can only last or be truly felt if we possess it  within first, then it mirrors outside  of ourselves.


Soul 2 Soul Shadow Journey mission is to assist willing individuals who choose to make their personal Sankofa Journey useful and empowering. 


The purpose of the Sankofa Journey is to identify feelings, thoughts and experiences of the past and create new ways of expression that are useful and beneficial in order to make positive progress for oneself.


We are not responsible for how others feel, however we are held accountable for how we respond. Consciously and subconsciously.


We can choose to disconnect and just witness with adverse internal mental chatter or we can choose to be present and disconnect with a mindfulness that everything is connected and can be useful. The latter is what created the space we all operate within today, thus creating for the future.


This is a very sacred journey and not always easy, however it is always rewarding. 


How Do I Know If The Sankofa Journey Is For Me?


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