master self

Mastering yourself means you are dedicated to your True Self (Higher Self) calling.


This requires you to

Connect to your Higher Guides, Ancestors who work for your highest good, Spiritual Grandparents and Infinite Source of your belief system.

Let go of control.

Take responsibility for the fullness of your journey

Be open to change and surrender to evolving.

Separate and identify all parts of you.

Understand and assimilate all parts into WON voice.

Keep it real with yourself.

Discover, establish and be accountable for your thoughts, words and actions.

Identify your triggers and reclaim your power.

Be responsible for your Light and Dark parts of  Self.

Own your true spiritual gift.

Establish healthy and secure boundaries.

Be steadfast and committed to YOUR SOUL'S processes.


Let some people, places and things go in order to travel the road that is calling you.

Honor your yes's and no's.

Trust and open up to YOUR journey.

Honor the Divine Laws of the Universe and surrender to the Highest Part of you.

~Alisha Roberts