self Love journey

Self Love is a Soul Journey not a destination


Much like grieving the transition of a Beloved whom is no longer with you, until one stops to allow introspection and reflective pondering of oneself, one is truly never free and clear to evolve and move forward in life to attract new lessons, energetic connections and live as their True Self.

Yes the players, locations and even appearances may change, However YOU still have the vibrational frequencies and tendencies still inside. It may take a moment to expose itself, however, once planetary alignments set the stages, like a curtain rising for the next act, aspects begin to reveal whether one has truly let go, forgiven, healed and have compassion for whatever the lessons of Self.

The journey of loving one self is unique and personal. There truly is no right or wrong, rather, it IS specifically designed to unravel any and all programs that the mind has created to protect out of fear, limited perceptions, experiences and blockages that hinder oneself from being truly free to loving themselves without compromise or self-deceptions of what love is for the individual.

Self Love Journey is a combination of all the journeys, yet designed for what level one is at in their awareness and age.

After taking an assessment questionnaire, together, we will design a course of action to begin loving one's self more.  


The Self Love Journey comes with a self love kit specifically designed for YOU. This includes but not limited too:

Affirmation cards, crystals, grid kits, daily love treatments, and other recommendations of ways to enhance and magnify the LOVE you truly ARE.

Starting at $150

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