Sankofa Journey


Soul 2 Soul True Self mission is to assist  willing individual Souls who choose to make their Sankofa Journey in becoming whole and complete within themselves and the world surrounding them . 


The purpose of the Sankofa Journey is to identify feelings, thoughts and experiences of the past and create new ways of expression that are useful and beneficial in order to make positive progress for oneself.

Every Soul on this planet takes a Sankofa Journey.

Everyone has their own unique way of doing so.  


One is not better than the other, its just different. 

Because the Universe is set up upon laws that governs this space and time that we know of, one must become more aware of their subconscious thoughts as it relates to one's physical circumference and the collective circumference as well, 

We are not responsible for how others feel, however we are held accountable for how we respond. Consciously and subconsciously.


We can only achieve harmony, externally by having it internally. 

Where our minds focus and energy applied too, manifestation occurs. 


We can choose to disconnect and just witness with adverse internal mental chatter or we can choose to be present and disconnect with a mindfulness that everything is connected and can be useful.


The latter is what created the space we all operate within today, thus we are creating for our future.


This is a very sacred journey and not always easy, however it is always rewarding. 


How Do I Know If The Sankofa Journey Is For Me?

You have an illness, condition or dis-ease.

You become or feel a need to defend yourself or someone.

Make excuses and deflect away from issue.

Disconnected from or enslaved by one's family.

One sided viewpoint that doesn't offer benefits or solutions to resolve the issue.


Angry with or blame another ethnic group.

Judge, limit or perceive those who do weave the past with the present to create positive solutions and foundations for the future as something negative or not useful.


When you reflect on the past, it’s painful, feel anger, feel / speak of it as a lack or hopeless state of being for the present moment.


You choose not to visit nor take responsibility for your past. You only focus on your present in a way that is boxed in or self centered without heart exchanges outside your comfort group.


You feel it’s unnecessary to revisit the past with those whom was affected by it.


You feel there is no purpose in going back in the past, that only the present and future matters. 


You say you love someone yet when the past comes up, you shutdown or stop others from their experiences of the past. 


You find the past more intriguing than the present, yet your present life isn’t harmonious for you.


You perceive you are ok with your past, yet you are fragmented, disconnected from all involved in it. 


A recurring theme keeps playing itself out in some area of your life where it’s caused one to need coping mechanisms with life. 

This assistance can come in the form of over working, rather be with animals than humans, drinking, smoking, overeating, drugs even prescriptions, weight issues, overly need for protection and/or acknowledgements, emotionally manipulated/manipulative, feel victimized or possess righteous aggression, align with groups that attack or feel victimized by someone/something and this group only feeds the anger (trauma bonding)  instead of creating and carrying out positive and useful solutions and mental breakdowns and verbal assault when one doesn't get their way, 



This is just a few and most highlighting indicators that a Sankofa Journey would be beneficial to the individual.


Often times we carry or create a heavy burden that isn’t meant to be carried or have. 


Sometimes, one may just need a gentle reminder, a tap on the shoulder, or a heavier force to awaken one to how their shadow is not in alignment with their True Self. There is a need for a release or transform the burden into a blessing and gift to oneself and to others.


You could be on your path, yet not operating at your fullest potential based upon fears, blockages and limitations from past experiences.


It’s ok, as there is no judgement, separation, nor a sense of right or wrong way to journey through this lifetime in the Infinity of Life.


However, if you do feel you are not living from a space of inner peace, freedom, truth and joy, with a connection to harmony and love that you want to experience in your life, this journey may be for you.

Have deep childhood scars, the Chiron Journey may be for you. 

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