This is a perfect gift for or to a person who is in the phase of being aware and responsible for one’s unconscious ways of expression. 
 Be it passive, passive-aggressive, or aggressive nature, all three are self-protection mechanisms from an experience that may be buried deep within. 

Initially, it can be appropriate for one’s experience, however, unaddressed and resolved, over time the experience can take over one's life. Sometimes, when one is not living freely and authentically, disharmony finds its way to spark one to stop and look within, to release triggers, become aware of unhealthy tendencies, or strengthen and maintain control within. 

Reclaim the right to know and use your power for what you truly want to experience.

Sacred Stone Collections has created a Kit to address and assist in one being grounded, protected, and activated, as they focus on the shadow part of the self. 

Shadow Journey Kit comes with various crystals that assist while taking the dark journey within, Incense, Incense holder, Journal, Pens, Affirmation Tile, White California Sage, and a box or pouch to store your tools in.

Please note this Kit has options. 
Unless notified, the order will be created with what is in stock. The kit can be created for specific needs. Please select your options before ordering. 

Also, crystals come in various sizes. Sacred Stone Collections, can not guarantee a specific size or shape unless it is sold as such. (Pyramid, sphere, obelisk... etc)

Kit crystals include:

Selenite wand/charge plate or bowl, Tourmaline, Amethyst, Black Obsidian, Rose Quartz, and Snowflake Obsidian, Mini-grid Kit, and specific crystal set pouch.


                      Mini Grid Board Kits
I Love Myself
Inner Journey
Find My Voice
Ease Grief
Let Go Of The Past
Relationship Growth & Support
Welcome Support

                              Crystals bags

Attract Angels
Emotional Balance 
Mental Balance 
Shadow Lights
Spiritual Warrior

                      Incense with holder

Against Jealousy 
Break All
Cleansing Power
Divine Healing
Frank and Myrrh 
Oodh Sandalwood 

Shadow Journey Kit