Virgo New Moon Soul Work

Soul Work is taking responsibility for your Soul's journey in this lifetime.

Soul work is not just justifying one's action and blaming others for one's responses or reactions. Soul work is being accountable for the causes and effects, the light and the dark and transmuting the soul's awareness of the collective consciousness.

Yes, that may seem like a big responsibility, however, the consequences of NOT being responsible has mounted a collective experience that affects all of our future on this planet.

It may appear to be more comfortable just doing what makes one feels good, taking what appear to be journeys via alcohol, drugs, sex, marijuana, psilocybin, or psychedelics, however, at worst, these methods become escape mechanics that pulls one away from the collective consciousness and distort reality away from the heart and higher self. At best, it opens up one's heart, tapping into one's shadows to transmute them into useful energy and higher calling to secure itself in the Higher Consciousness combined with Collective Work and Responsibility.

With the expansion of tools that enables one to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences, so is the expansion of sensory and energetic frequencies that can block or interject new lessons for one to engage is available for everyone who chooses to be aware, present and connected to their Higher Self and the Collective Consciousness.

Hence, the blessings of this Virgo New Moon. In 2020 alone, much has transpired upon this planet from January to September of 2020 that can assist with this assignment. The roller coaster ride up and down, fear and joy, hate and love, others and self, and also side, center to side has been abundantly flowing into this present moment opportunity. To begin anew.

Virgo season, according to tropical, western astrology, began on August 22, 2020 and it ends September 22, 2020. The New Moon arrives 6 days before the end of Virgo season, in which Virgo is the owner of the 6th house in Astrology.

6th House

The 6th house, like Virgo, represents the areas of health, work/service, daily routines and responsibilities, wellness, pets, occupations and overall maintaining a good physical, and mental health to ensure your temple can enhance and thrive with, and also, withstand and defend itself in healthy ways with the adversities of life.

The 6th house is a cadent house. This means it's the last set of three energy cycles within a quadrant. Cadent houses are ruled by the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Astrologers consider Cadent houses to have less energy as it appears to be falling away from Angular houses which begins each quadrant. However, what I have come to understand that the energy is initiated in the Angular houses, built upon in the Succedant houses and the Cadent houses has the potential to decide whether to define/enhance or redefine/release the energies that flows through one's life so that the journey can be in alignment with one's higher journey.

In truth, this will take many cycles and lifetimes to wholeness. As we know we are Infinite Soul Beings having a human experience, we must also remember that everything is useful and working towards the Soul's Greater Good. Hence, when a particular energy has served its purpose, it transmutes into another form of energy. What form that energy takes depends on how one chooses to define and utilize it. The 6th house has qualities and connections, however, to remain aligned to this blog, the focus I am suggesting is on the question of the 6th house as it relates to Virgo.

In what ways am I willing to be responsible for the way I perform in life?

What parts of my body is communicating to me? What is it saying?

In what ways am I willing to hold myself accountable for my part of creating a quality life?

How do I balance work and play?

Do I hold myself accountable as I do others?

Do I do something for a benefit for just me or all those involved?

Do I communicate and demonstrate my words and actions in a way that I am in alignment with my heart?

How am I co-creating my life?

Do I wear a mask and am afraid to be vulnerable?

Do I need it to be perfect before I show others or allow myself to be attached to something?

Am I living from a space of self acceptance or outward acceptance?

Is it time for a change and redefining my goals in the area of wellness, health and service?

Is the way I have been working and playing still in alignment with me now?

Virgo Soul Work Assignment

To know YOUR journey with the area of life (astrological house), Virgo is currently located in, one would do a processed chart to see where the planets have progressed to. However, one knows exactly what is going on with them and the areas they would like to improve on as well as having experiences in. With the latter in mind, there is a list of Virgo and Moon qualities below. I suggest letting your subconscious guide you without over thinking, rather listen to what it is saying to you and write it down. This is a great opportunity to connect and be aware of your ego and Id self. (This will be explored more at a later date.) Become a witness to your inner conversations. Notice who's voice is more defined and how following it works out for you in the bigger picture.

1) Take one word that stands out and make a sentence with the word. and continue the process.

2) You can also take a word from the Virgo's list and a word from the moon's list. Construct three sentences. Your raw truth, Your self truth and Your higher self truth.

3) Be bold and go deep. Make a list of each qualities you feel are harmonious and adverse parts of you. Write a few sentences about your discovery. Write down a list of tools and ways to strengthen the area of intent. Allow 2 days of review, conscious awareness, research and collection of tools/assistance and reflect upon your experiences each day. Remember to journal your experiences and dreams if any.

On the 3rd day, although at the time of this blog, the energy will not be as intense (It is more supporting energy present when beginning this type of intentional work 3 days before a new moon.), yet it is still working towards your greater good, write a letter of intent to yourself.

Take responsibility for your commitment to yourself everyday. Honor your experiences without judgement. You may discover your inner critic that reflects in others. You may discover your Higher Self that loves you unconditionally while you smile without awareness. Or you may hear a repeated conversation/statement that you may need an inner conversation about. The trainer or cook you've been waiting on to assist you with your new healthy way of life may appear outside or inside yourself. Remember to laugh and be light as if you've never experienced this before.

On the coming Aires Full Moon, take time to ponder on the changes, awareness or stagnation that exist at that time. Whether you choose to water your seed from this Virgo new moon and partner with the next month's Libra New Moon or focus on something new that is being highlighted, is totally up to you. It's your journey to be mindful of the play you are writing and participating in whether you are conscious of it or not. It is all working towards your highest good.

Be mindful to be gentle with yourself and allow your emotions to flow in safe spaces. Set personal time aside that doesn't require you to be infused or hindered by outside influences.

Be mindful of the mind wanting a distraction. If at all possible, I suggest you have a conversation with it and redirect it's thought with the mindfulness of your higher truth.

Virgo is a part of our unconsciousness of what we do for others. Before we can commit and do anything for others, we must build a strong sense of self to know what that is. It's perfectly fine to explore to discover. A lot of limited ways of expression was once a foundation to various societies and cultures. As humanity has evolved, many challenges have resulted in various ways. We are now able to write our own scripts in this play called life in a way that can be harmoniously aligned with Higher Consciousness. First we must begin as individuals doing our Soul work so that we are clear enough to connect and evolve in accordance to the Divine Agreement that in truth, is yet to be fully integrated within us.

Virgo Traits

Analytical, Over Thinker, Honest, Critical, Reliable, Stubborn, Practical, Sophisticated, Moral Ethical, Perfectionist, Hard-worker, Nervous, Calm, Single-Minded, Problem Solver, Patient, Grounded, Picky, Creative, Worrier, Romantic, Professional, Health and Wellness Conscious, Thoughtful, Affectionate, Sensitive, Dominant, Intense, Self-indulgence, Sarcastic,and Loyal.

The Moon's Vibrations

The Moon spends roughly 2 1/2 days in each sign and takes 28 days to travel through a zodiac. It is feminine energy and rules Cancer and the Fourth House as it relates to western tropical astrology. The moon offers us many opportunities to assist on our journey. Each phase and travel via each astrological constellation offers us insights within. From the New Moon granting a clear slate to affirm a new or enhance a desire of intentions to the Full Moon illuminating what we feel inside as it relates in our individual and collective worlds.

What makes me feel safe and secure? Why? Who told me this or is this what I feel for Self? Why? Am I going against my heart for my mind? Why? Are my words and actions in alignment with how I feel? How long have I been feeling about ______? Do I smile when I really want to cry? What truly makes me feel good without depending on someone else? Do I stop someone from being their truth in order to feel good about myself? Do I stop being myself to make someone feel good about themselves? Why do I feel offended when I read or hear certain words? Did I really feel good about something or am I faking it until I make it instead of being honest about it and facing what may come? Do I trust myself? Which voice inside is needing to be heard? I know I am connected to a Higher Source yet, what am I not aware of that keeps me either carrying others load, remaining in a space I don't want to be in or someone I no longer feel a healthy connection to? Am I doing or receiving things because I am afraid, need validation or I have it within me to give or receive without expectations?

These questions to our subconsciousness can rebirth a renewed sense of Self that is liberating and in harmonious alignment with one's Soul. Many beliefs have been infused by others fears, perceptions, limitations or personal journey. Now we have an opportunity to become attuned with our own journey while appreciating the inter and outer connection that we share. By doing one's soul work, we can disengage from other's dreams and fears, thus, we can accept the proper connection and agreement between each other by breaking the unconscious and unhealthy energy feed we unknowingly give away. We can reclaim one's personal power with the higher consciousness of karma. As the moon reveals our shadows, our soul can gain strength to face the inner demons we run from and transmute it into a collective WONNESS.

Moon Qualities

Emotions, Feelings, Subconscious, Unconscious, Deep Personal Needs, Responsive, Reflective, Receptive, Inner Mood and Personal Habits. It is associated with Mother and Feminine Energy. It connects us to our instinctive responses and reactions.

Here are the various keywords that have been connected to Virgo and the Moon.

I humbly ask that you take in with a mindfulness that everyone is not the same and therefore, may or may not have some qualities or that the qualities have different meanings. When exploring a word such as "perfectionist", to one person it may appear as something positive and to another it may be something negative. The key is to review the word in context.

One of the meanings the dictionary describes Perfectionist as, " a person who refuses to accept any standard short of perfection."

Depending on the foundational and sustaining energies that fuels a person to perfectionist can also be a hypocrite or narcissist. It could be that a person can only see their way of doing things as such, think you are out of alignment and become critical of your way. Or your Higher Self knows there is more that can be done and pushes one to create from within oneself and inspires others to release their masterpieces as well.

One must explore deeper to the supporting actions of a word, hence the purpose of this Soul Work. Tap inside and see if conscious or subconscious blockages to feel or expanding to various ways of perceptions are in place. It's nothing wrong with wanting it your way, however, if its blocking your heart and you're not living the life you truly want to live, then you may want to explore on a deeper level for ways to be true to your HIGHER HEART.

Moon Keywords

Emotions, Feelings, Subconscious, Unconscious, Deep Personal Needs, Responsive, Reflective, Receptive, Inner Mood and Personal Habits. It is associated with Mother and Feminine Energy. It connects us to our instinctive responses and reactions.

Remember that as humans, we have allowed others to dictate what words mean and how we should be as a word, which can change depending on community/cultural language and expressions as well as the conditions one experiences in order to be a thing or be no thing. Now it's time to self define and actualize our lives. We empower ourselves not by following or needing followers. As Divine Beings, we can activate and attune to our Higher Self which is a part of the Collective Consciousness.

More information on shadow and ego work shall be released to the public soon. If you are interested in more, schedule an appointment for one of our liberation services.

Won Love, Peace, Blessings and Soul Liberation,

Alisha Roberts

Soul 2 Soul True Self Services

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