Virgo New Moon

With Mars Rx in Aires, this is a perfect time to go inward to use your warrior spirit to take responsibility for your emotions and transform them into useful energies in the areas of mental and physical health, work and service, developing healthy routines, how you feel about being perfect and self acceptance of your journeys, as well as holding yourself accountable for your experiences as you breath new life into humility and your True Self.

Whether we are here to experience honoring contracts or karma to own the Oneness in this Dream State, trust you have the power to choose how you react and respond in the cycles of life. 

With each spiral rotation, you can choose to be aware of what you are holding on that may seem to work before and evolve (change) to how does it or can it effect the bigger picture including the collective. 

Tap into the raw power that is always present with the mindfulness of its life’s flow and connectivity to all those around you. 

New Mental and Physical Health 

New Lifestyle 

New Awareness of Gifts you have to offer.

Won Love,


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