Soul Work of Platonic Solids

Authors's note: This article is a reproduction from the website: and shared here to support and spread the awareness of doing one's soul work with the platonic solids.

Sacred Stone Collections suggests using crystals with specific intents that correspond to the energy you are addressing and expanding within yourself. Below is the suggested casting instructions and please feel free to adjust to make it your own. You can use amulets, charms or crystals along with a journal to note your experiences and progress. You can use pendulums to arrive at your "yes" or "no" questions.

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The goal of this casting sheet above is to let the five Platonic solids lead the way to what matters by contemplating on each element and their corresponding statement.

Each statement invites reflection and bypasses the typical everyday focus. This is not about our love life, career or income. Instead it’s about promoting answers from a deeper perspective.

Here’s how it works.

Before starting, give yourself some time to ponder on the five Platonic solids and their pairing statements. 

Try to devote this divination to a higher mission rather than everyday affairs and when ready, cast your pendulum, wand, crystal, charm, amulet ( the original author suggested these items that may be linked to their products for sale: Magpie Oracle or Keepsake Box charms) over the sheet. 

Rather than casting, you may also want to take the orderly route by hand selecting and placing your charms directly onto the casting sheet.

For example, for this divination I was drawn to assigning seven charms to each position.

With that said, go with what works for you as your way will always be best.

There’s a bit of space to the right of each element where you can record your casting directly onto the page.  

I recommend you leave your sheet out and in a place where you can see and work with it.

The goal is to open the symbol to ignite the spirit so give it a good location.

What really makes a casting sheet work is when we charge it with daily focus. 

The divination is rarely over once all of your charms are put away. 

Putting items away is really just the beginning. I don’t consider readings complete until the divination has been realized in life and this is why I place import on keeping casting sheets out.

I used the concept of the divination and made it my own by following my internal promptings. not taking anything away from the author, I was led to journal the meaning of the shape that stepped out to me and its relations to past, present and future. I then used crystals to grid the shape with the intentions of my highest desires for the situation. Sometimes I was led to just say, "I trust the Universe and what is best for my Highest Good! I AM safe and protected and trust my processes of life! And So It Is!" Things shifted quickly and I had to remain grounded because of the quick manifestations of my desires that in truth, I was just focusing on being me and opportunities and requests of various forms materialized as if the right people who were connected to my request, thought of me to fulfill. Sometimes we have to let go of control, lacks, and being anything less than what we want to receive, in order for to recognize yourself return with harmony, prosperity and success.

I shared the original author's information to feed the energy of self empowerment, awareness of divination for yourself, inspiration of opening up to one's own internal promptings and the various alchemy processes of sorts. 


Won Love ~ Atheria

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