Scorpio Moon Crystal Report

This Scorpio Moon is unearthing emotions and deeply held feelings to be expressed so that the natural infinite flow of life can be experienced.

We are not our emotions, even though we resonate mostly with our feelings as humans. As spiritual beings, we get to ”feel” this wave of energy. As both spiritual and human beings, we have been taking the journey to center ourselves within that powerful surge of energy, allow it to flow and be transmuted into useful energy by way of processing it.

There are several factors that have hindered the process to transformation, even though those hindrances have crystalline into  becoming illnesses and conditions, they have also assist some in RE- MEMBER that they are their medicine and a part of a greater collective consciousness than what is presently being felt and experienced.

Everyone has their own journey and no one, regardless to how guru, indoctrinated in a belief system or spiritually evolved can say what someone else journey is or should be expressed as.

Rather, in my humble observation and experiences, I've come to realize that war only begets more war. No matter how far off the ground one goes, they are still attached and having an effect on the collective consciousness even within their bubbles of sorts. Keep living, the knowing of yesterday is outdated and fragments are left to build or unfold into something new. The beauty cosmic dance that is happening inside and out, is being mirrored in the world even one is aware of it or not.

Self forgiveness and compassion for ourselves for being slaves and enslaving others is vital to the life force of the inhabitants of this planet. Being a good slave or enslaver does not bid a good out come in the long run. The psychic attack are at an all-time high AGAIN. We are truly walking and breathing fears.  A return to Source within to reevaluate our ways of life in order to determine the new course of BEing and Doing. 

There is healing frequencies when we use our throat chakra to speak words that are filtered and resonating from the higher and lower hearts. To acknowledge forgiveness and apology releases trapped emotions within the muscles, organs, bones and blood. It begins an atonement process that every human must go through. Some may feel once they say it once, it is enough. However, just like there are layers and degrees to peeling a onion, so too is the peeling of a human to arrive at the spirit underneath. Even then, some souls are older than others. It is a invitation to take an degree of self mastery. To take a test to see if one can stand and hold sacred space for another, especially for those who make money off of others pains and loss of memory of who they truly are.

The illusions can fade into accountability and responsibility in healthy ways for self and then others. This is the highest form of self love.

The crystals I am suggestion for this Scorpio New Moon, can assist with the shadows while providing  protection from outside distortion so that one can be strong and encourage to stand in their own unique power by being heart centered.

Stromatolite: Stromatolite is said to be an excellent support crystals while going through changes of life and encourages one to stand in their own divine right and power for soul evolutionary growth and personal development.

Lazurlite: It has been said that Lazurlite can create a bubble around you to allow false projections to bounce off one’s aura field. When used with the throat chakra, it can assist with attuning and expressing and live in one’s creative truths while directing ones creative abilities.

Rainbow Obsidian: Rainbow Obsidian  is said to reveal and release inner emotions of jealous, envy, anger and resentment to allow the natural flow of pleasure to occur and be expressed. Psyhic and spiritual protection.

Rosophia: Rosophia has been said to resonate one’s personal heart in Union with the Divine Feminine of Wisdom. It can relieve and clear depression and frustration.

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Won Love upon your Soul’s Journey,


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