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Author's purpose: (It is my deepest desire that this blog offers insights, awareness and a deeper desire to research and discover your own connection to the Sacred Geometry via the Platonic Solids within you so that you can better be informed as you why you are attracted to a certain shape or crystal shape as it pertains to the Platonic Solids.

To use a specific crystal in a geometric shape with the full knowledge or awareness of that shape's power and ability to connect within, MAGNIFIES one's intentions as one has the crystal's energetic power and abilities combined with knowledge of the purpose of the shape's energetic power and abilities.)

Sacred Geometry and Platonic Solids

The term "sacred geometry" is used by archaeologists, anthropologists, and geometricians to encompass the religious, philosophical, and spiritual beliefs that have sprung up around geometry in various cultures during the course of human history.

There are five (and only five) Platonic solids made up of the 'Five Convex Regular Polyhedron, The first four shapes correspond with the elements: earth; Hexahedron, (cube -6 faces), air Octahedron (double inverted pyramid - 8 faces), fire Tetrahedron (pyramid - 4 faces) and water Icosohedron (triangle - 20 faces), with the fifth, dodecahedron (pentagon - 12 faces)., representing heaven, ether or the Universe.

The term convex means that none of its internal angles is greater than one hundred and eighty degrees (180°). The term regular means that all of its faces are congruent regular polygons, i.e. the sides of all faces are of the same length, and the internal angles of all faces are of equal magnitude. Furthermore, in order to qualify as one of the platonic solids, the shape must have the same number of faces meeting at each vertex, and the dihedral angle between any two faces must be the same. The term polyhedron means that it is a three-dimensional shape that has flat faces and straight edges.

History of Mathematics

Mathematics was created and known before recorded history, however the ancient Ethiopians and Kemetics (ancient Egyptians) of what is now known as Africa, were the first to build lasting structures of pyramids and other geometric shapes. Although the step pyramids of Ethiopia predates the pyramids of Kemet, which is now known as Egypt and the pyramids there are STILL free standing structures today due to the ability to alter and distort the fact that the designers of the structures were Africans by creating and labeling a Middle East as oppose owning its origins in Africa and relocating the original people of the area to Aswan and other places in and outside the continent ,

The oldest mathematical text from ancient Kemet discovered so far, though, is the Moscow Papyrus, which dates from the Egyptian Middle Kingdom around 2000 - 1800 BCE. It is thought that the Egyptians introduced the earliest fully-developed base 10 numeration system at least as early as 2700 BCE (and probably much early).

The Rhind Papyrus, dating from around 1650 BCE, is a kind of instruction manual in arithmetic and geometry, and it gives us explicit demonstrations of how multiplication and division was carried out at that time. It also contains evidence of other mathematical knowledge, including unit fractions, composite and prime numbers, arithmetic, geometric and harmonic means, and how to solve first order linear equations as well as arithmetic and geometric series. The Berlin Papyrus, which dates from around 1300 BCE, shows that ancient Egyptians could solve second-order algebraic (quadratic) equations.

as well as, the African mathematician of Antiquity Djhuti (Thoth and known to the greeks as one of their gods Hermes) is immortalized upon many buildings, one in particular is the Library of Congress, Adams Building in Washington as one of many noted founders of wordsmen and mathematicians antiquity world. 

Why was the name Platonic given?

Originally, the Greek men received their educations from the universities of Africa. When a young philosopher first introduced his understandings of mathematics in varies writings, the modern day people of his time did not agree with his interpretation of spirituality with mathematics and how it could be used or even viewed in relations of a Higher spirit within and connected to us. However, over time this fact could not be ignored. Thus, it was named after the Greek philosopher and mathematician Plato (c427-347BC), who wrote about the relationship between the sacred geometric shapes and man in his treatise, Timaeus, though dating thousands of years before his time, the five Platonic solids illuminate the five elements WITHIN and SURROUNDING atmosphere.

The Platonic Solid is a coherent energy field which has been placed within a Crystalline structure which has been faceted into the archetypal patterns of creation. Platonic Solids are shapes which form part of Sacred Geometry.

Some researchers have suggested that carved stone balls, made from various materials, such as, easily carved sandstone and serpentine to difficult, hard granite and quartzite, were attempts to realize the Platonic solids.

Purpose of Platonic Solids

Platonic Solids exist and are the basis for and are the absolute foundation of all life. They are the blueprint of the sequence of movements that descends from Pure Source Energy into the vast forms of matter. Thus, creating the microcosm and macrocosm of the universes, and ultimately our physical and metaphysical worlds.

When this Energy of Source is utilized with the clear, focused intention of The user can access, align and restore harmony to any area of weakened and chaotic energies.

When viewed allegorically, Plato’s solids suggest a unifying mission that ultimately unites us with the One (WON). According to Plato, the four elements individually illuminate a singular aspect of itself to the other, while the fifth element, seen as the cosmos, unifies and embodies the four. This elemental alliance allows the fifth element to express itself as the greater whole, or as some say, the divine plan.

Seen this way, the solids reveal a sacred dance that moves in unison with the cosmos. This dance can be viewed as a guiding principle that lends itself to the understanding of our greater mission and through divination we can co-create the dance of the many to illuminate our spirit’s connection with the One (WON).

This applies to restoration of harmony in a body (physical), mind (mental) or spiritual energy field or even an environment of "inanimate objects", such as your home or workplace.

These energy patterns ultimately coalesce as they descend from the subtle realms of higher frequency vibrational dimensions, into our denser level of physical manifestation, and form a unique energy pattern around every natural thing and being in the universe.

This unique energy pattern has been described as the field of formative causation, or the Morphogenetic Field. This energy field is crystalline in structure, and like the quartz crystal, stores information. This information in our human energy field contains the cumulative experiences and emotions of all of our lifetimes! This is referred to as our Karma, which is in fact the Universe way of saying we are worthy of existing in a harmonious state and ensures we receive opportunities to evolve by revisiting the energy we have put out, and applying the growth experiences by doing something different, even if its to just understand, have compassion or empathy for another. It offers a mirrored/shared reflection, even if one doesn't see a connection, we are always connected.

This does not mean one must save the world and protect others at the expense of themselves, rather, it means it is EVERYONE'S responsibility for themselves to find, maintain and operate out of harmony within one's core center.

Understanding the energies behind words, thoughts and actions that by DIVINE LAW will come into existence the more one focus upon it. Even if an experience has not been given energy to consciously or in the present space, doesn't mean in the Infinite Collective Energetic space, that due to planetary alignments, one's astrological planetary alignment at the time of birth and the free will choices one has made over time, those experiences WILL come up for review to restore harmony, Oneness and perfect alignment of energies within self and its environment.

Often these geometric energy patterns are "stuck" or chaotic, these "stuck particles" can become the seeds of ill health, emotional imbalance and other discordant experiences in our lives.

By consciously accessing our personal energy field, through focusing intent on and through these specially energized Platonic Solid Crystals, one can access and reprogram the human energy pattern at its most fundamental level through these specially energized Platonic Solid Crystals, one can access and reprogram the human energy pattern at its most fundamental level via our free will and Highest Self desire.

As our planet rotated and we lived many moon cycles, the new adventures discovered the original inhabitants civilizations. They explored, unearthed, discovered and complied more sacred geometric shapes that predates recorded history, yet embraced and documented by our ancient Kemetic ancestors on their temples which still stands today and other indigenous people who shared and spread the knowledge all over the world. Although they relabeled the originates and input the information into their sacred books, however the Divine existence has expanded our awareness, assisted in evolving and taking conscious responsibility to our divine connection to our higher selves by utilizing sacred mathematics that exist within and all things. 

Are There 7 Platonic Solids?

There are only 5 platonic solids as mentioned above, However, some prefer to acknowledge platonic solids as 6 or 7 shapes, adding the Metatron and the Sphere. The Metatron encompasses all of the platonic solids in one as The Sphere IS the space that each platonic solid is created from and exist within because all sides are equal, thus complete like a sphere. 

The Metatron Cube was predates Kemetic and Judaic history, however, it was validated by imputing into religious scripts and assigned a Angel called Metatron. I love using the metatron as a meditation focal piece and listening the the metatron mediation to enhance my protective shield and connection to positive aspects of life.

I have a Metatron tattoo on my left forearm so that when I am in what I could be perceive as stressful situations or idled time, I gaze into it and allow myself to be transported to a positive space and energy field. This also magnifies your energy field and adjust the atmosphere around you. adverse energies tend to move away and even been known to disappear without force. I have always been attracted to it, and when I found out the purpose and felt it's power, I highly recommend others try it out for themselves when in the mist of shifting your energy or maintaining a protective field as you exist in this world.

You can go to our SACRED GEOMETRY INFORMATION page for more information on the Metraton. An upcoming blog on the Metratron Cube will be released soon.

Technically, a sphere -- with no faces from a Platonic Body, with no edges -- is NOT a Platonic Sphere.

Polyhedron is defined and calculated by having vertices, edges, and faces. A sphere doesn't have those, however, each polyhedron is within a sphere due to it being equal, thus high;y symmetrical.

For a deeper inspection on spheres and crystal meanings, click here to go to GEMSTONE BALLS & GEMSTONE SPHERES INFORMATION. 

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