Libra Moon Crystals

Libra is about fairness, justice and balance, communications and war like energies may also be affected which can cause distortions of perceptions to the scales of Libra. However, one thing is for sure, stepping back and allowing both sides to have a voice before making harsh and racial actions can open up opportunities for both sides to be served fairly. Libra is a Cardinal sign which means it self initiated, natural born leaders and passionate when in alignment and harmony within themselves. Out of alignment arrogant, impatient, impulsive and reckless with their thoughts, words and actions. Where Aries is the leader of themselves, Libra embodies this leadership and inspires their family/collective/group/peers.

Planet ruler of Libra is Venus. Venus is known as the planet of Love/Lovers. Self Love attracts the Love into your life. Loving environment and experiences are key to uplifting, motivating and creating Libra’s passions via their heart center.

We are still in “Inner Work“ Phase, so utilizing this new moon to be fair and just to oneself is critical in building healthy relationships within and/or with someone else, which is what the 7th house on the Astrological Wheel is all about. All things Relating to and partnering with Self. To simplify, Relationships/Partnerships. How are YOU relating and partnering with others. It’s easy to just focus on harmony which is a good thing, however, the real work comes when you face what is not in harmony to resolve it and transmute into harmonious energies. To understand and relate to another is to expand and connect with others. Dimming ones light so others can feel better does not serve them or oneself. In reality, it creates a sense of falsehood that can eventually run its course into something that must change in order to survive.

The beautiful blessings of it all is that everything is useful and working towards a higher good. I recommend these high vibration crystals that can assist with the Libra’s Moon energies.

Celestite: It is a known as a “peace stone“ connecting one to higher states of beings. Be it your inner higher self, higher guides and /or angels who work for your highest good, Celestite awakens one to their spiritual journey. it uplifts one’s spirits to optimism and joy, as well as resolve with conflict within relationships.

K2 - Bridges Crown and 3rd Eye. Assist in communicating your thoughts and feelings for review for transformation into higher awareness.

Rubellite: A high quality Tourmaline of the Red variety, Rubellite attuned to the Higher Heart activation. It taps into the Unconditional love for Self, releasing hidden veils that may cause self sacrifice, as well as pains and diseases within the body.

Rosophia : Named in honor of the “Goddess Sophia” as It’s vibrations attuned and lifts the vibrations of the heart. Love, Truth, Wisdom and Honor are expressions of the Divine Feminine qualities that are enhanced within when working with this stone.

All five of these high vibration crystals can be purchased in our store at Sacred Stone Collections.

Remember New Moons are new beginnings and opportunities to write 10 affirmations/power statements /prayers for and about yourself. Writing power statements that resonates with Libra/Venus/7th house vibrations within your life.

INjoy your Libra Moon Vibrations.

Won Love,


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