Last Quarter Moon

7th Moon Phase: Release

Last Quarter Keywords

Symbolic of letting go, Breakdown, Readjustment, forgiveness, Decomposition, transition.

Scientific Perspective: The last quarter also known as the third quarter moon, is illuminated on the left side. Half light and half dark, this phase is a reminder that the moon is now back to half power and fading. It is in reverse of the first quarter Moon.

Visible in the east before dawn, each morning, the moon shows us less and less of its lighted side. It rises closer to the sunrise, heading for the new moon.

Spiritual Perspective : The themes surrounding this moon are release, letting go, and forgiveness. Like the moon gradually decreasing in size, you have to be ready to let go of stuff.

Throughout the month you may have experienced many emotions and feelings of sadness, happiness, hurt, excitement, broken, wholeness, angered, or confident for different reasons. The emotional waves of being human, assist us to feel and experiences ourselves and the become aware and responsible for the powerful gift we possess within. Our emotions play a big part in our creative, projective and receptive processes that affect our body, our relationships and the world as a whole.

It's under this moon that one will let go of all grudges and release all anger. One must purge themselves, in order to be able to receive the new intentions one will set again during the next new moon.

A great practice during this moon is a cleanse. There are many thpes of cleanses, so sit still and listen within to what your inner voice is requesting.

If you are not attuned to your inner voice, this is a great time to journal and allow yourself to auto write your thoughts and feelings.

You can also work with crystals such as Tigers Eye for discernment, Orange Calcite for releasing emotions or high vibration crystals such as Scolecite for removing energy blockages, Rubellite for emotional balance or Golden Healer Quartz for clearing the emotional imbalances.

Click the links for more information on the crystals above and to purchase them from Sacred Stone Collections.

Cleansing can take the forms of cleaning out your mind, body, apartment, your closet, and your friendships. Look at anything that's no longer serving you and get rid of it. Pay attention to the unnecessary emotional and physical clutter you’ve accumulated during this past cycle and rid yourself of it. To shed this unnecessary emotional weight, try participating in a class or any type of physical activity that feels right to you.

I release all my emotional attachments and reactions to people, places, and things that no longer serve my highest good. I release with gratitude and Divine Love for our greater good. we are free to BE who we were born to BE.

Asé, Asé Ase’ooo

And So It Is.

As always, it is a pleasure to share my daily ritual of moon reflections with you.

I trust this awareness of the moon’s phase will benefit you as it is in proper alignment for it to be.

Abundant Gratitude and Won Love for us All,

Soul2Soul True Self Services

Alisha Roberts

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