Gemini Full Moon Crystals

This Gemini Full Moon on November 30, 2020, is aligned with a Partial Lunar Eclipse.

Partial Lunar Eclipse combined with Full Moon can illuminate feelings within that no longer serve your higher good.

Shadows come out to play when the moon is full and in reality, one should take a look within more so than blaming others for one’s thought, words and actions. Self deceptions conversation between the mind and one’s feelings, taking accountable for SELF and RELEASE are themes for this Full Moon.

Emotions and feelings are tricky cause they are generated within even though the mind can make you feel it’s occurring outside of you.

Nuummite, a stone for “Soul Work” it aids one in having the courage to do the inner work that is necessary to be whole and complete. It protects from ill wishes, assists with journeying and soul retrieval, and encourages the release of what no longer serves as well as cord-cutting.

With Gemini governing this Moon, the dual mind can experience inner chatter that can cause confusion and conflict in communicating feelings.

This is a great time to take stock of self and see if there is anything you want to let go off and transform into something useful. Many things are trying to fall away or may have run it’s course and it’s time to let go. Hold a sacred space within your heart and see the releases with love and gratitude.

Danburite is a powerful high vibration Heart Chakra stone, that assist in relieving emotional pain and increasing acceptance of one’s self and of others. Danburite will help you to “let your light shine". The pure love energy of Danburite brings serenity and peace.

The space it provides allow new energy to come and flow in alignment of who you are now or creating yourself to BE.

If it’s a loved one who has already passed on or you had a loved one who has transitioned, hold a sacred space for both of you. Allow yourself to feel so that you don’t project your unresolved and unexpressed feeling on others. This is perfect time to journal your true feelings by allowing the ownership of its presence to wash over you so that the true you can shine forth with a more calm and gentle BEingness.

Quantum Quattro helps to clear the subconscious energetic patterns that lead to the manifestation of these physical body issues, creating deep and complete healing. On an emotional level, all of the copper has the effect of drawing out old emotional traumas and hurts that have been trapped in the body.

Its time to responsible for our feelings and shifting it into a source of inspiration for change. Trust that changes is good. In reality we are always interconnected and never truly separated on a higher frequency.

I suggest Herkimer Diamonds for the last crystal to assist those who are ready for Higher Attunement. It is another very high vibrational crystal that can be used to enhance and amplify your spiritual energy while also ascending you to your highest spiritual vibration.

I project that we all Love ourselves enough to face ourselves to co-create a more loving, safe authentic and unified relationship with one another! May the Magical Crystal within US Be Activated NOW!

Shine Diamonds Shine!

Won Love Beloveds,


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