Capricorn Full Moon Crystals

So much is happening on so many levels to each individual on this planet. We have this opportunity to take advantage of the last dance of an heightened subconscious awareness that Mother Cancer Moon and Father Capricorn Sun Union offers to us.

Without further Ado, my first suggestion is Rainbow Moonstone in honor of the moon and one of the highest vibrational stones of Moonstone which in a part of the feldspar family.

Rainbow Moonstone is a blessing for men and women as it is a very spiritual stone which attunes one to the emotional body and the deeper nurturing vibrations of this planet.

Rainbow Moonstone frequency allows you to feel heartfelt joy, that flows out into your auric field. You may feel a profound sense of deep inner awareness and recognition of your destiny, as the vibrations of the Moonstone fills you.

Next up is Rubellite. Although technically, rubellite is pink tourmaline, it still resonates with the vibrations of Ruby, which both provide strength, courage and passion which is need to balance emotions and the intellect as one remain true to their path.

The energies of Rubellite invokes the Divine Feminine within us all. Balancing a oneness for the planet and humanity as a whole. Even just working on a personal level, it assist one to connect the lower and higher heart.

Rubellite facilitates the healing of emotional wounds restoring emotional balance and courage to protect what’s dear to the hearts. This connection illuminates the relation between the Earth and Humanity, which is what the Divine Feminine aspect in Cancer represents. Rubellite can assist one to live the relationship of one’s heart in a way that inspires and promotes a health reflection on our planet.

I chose Emerald as the third High Vibration Crystal for this season because it is a water crystal which assists one to live and act from the heart. We can never have too much heart clearing and attunement with all the fear projections on conscious and subconscious levels.

Emerald offers unconditional love and compassion in one's daily life and relationships, opening one to recieve love from others and clearing the channel for one's own connection with divine love and courage.

Quantum Quattro is a magic combination stone in which four copper-bearing power minerals (Shattuckite, Dioptase, Malachite, and Chrysocolla) coexist synergistically and are amplified inside of grounding and clearing Smoky Quartz.

I chose this Stone for this Cancer Full Moon due to its emotional healing and releasing abilities that it offers. They work on the present and past lifetime(s) to assist in clearing family line and karmic patterns carried forward within one’s DNA. It helps you to cut unhealthy cords, to see the situations from an expanded, spiritual perspective, and to heal it all through the forgiveness vibration.

Everyone feels they are right to do and be who they are, without stopping to think why? Are they what they parents, society or even those who are behind the messages that comes across various waves of transmission? Who would you be if you put down the fight against those people, places and things that have been burned into one’s physic from personal and emotional connections?

Quantum Quattro has the ability to interrupt the patterns and with consistently doing the work with it, can clear one to be free to be their true self. What would that look like in this world is fear was not a motivating factor of sorts?

What’s remarkable is that Quantum Quattro helps to clear the subconscious energetic patterns that lead to the manifestation of these physical body issues, creating deep and complete healing. On an emotional level, all of the copper has the effect of drawing out old emotional traumas and hurts that have been trapped in the body. This is what the Cancer Full Moon is offering an opportunity to work on.

Last but not least. I choose Selenite Crystal for this Cancer / Capricorn balanced moon phase.

With protective, purifying, healing, and connecting qualities, Selenite has the ability to invoke, and securely connect one to their higher spiritual guides and conscious awareness of one's True Self.

Selenite protect one from adverse energies while assisting one forward on their journey. Its energy is gentle and consistent, and is used for many reasons.

What power high vibration crystal tools to have in your gemstone chest !

Despite not being able to be in water, Selenite doesn’t hold energy and is recommended to smudging to assist it as it absorbs and transmute the energies in the atmosphere, from one’s body and within other crystals.

I trust you all will have a wonderful closing out of 2020. Reflect positively on the new angels that you may have received and the endless of positive possibilities and potentials that are awaiting in 2021.

Remember, to be gentle and kind to yourself as you process whatever needs to brought out of the dark into the light. It deserves acknowledge and allowed to join the higher part of you as that is what truly makes us whole and complete.

Won Love Beloveds Crystal Lovers!

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Alisha Roberts

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