1/4/2021 World Card Reading

World Card Reading: 1/4/2021

Yoni Spread

Greetings Beloveds, two Earth Element Trinity cards came up for the situation beyond appearance combined with the action to take and a Fire Card for the outcome.

This situation beyond appearances is that it is time for the radiant Crone Earth Energies to Ascension Processes.

For all those who feels the Earth Pulse, to allow the body, mind and celss to transmute into Light. As the Warrior Goddess of Antiquity aligned with the passionate Earth, it's time to break up and evolve the way we communicate old stories and shift behavior patterns as we value what we love. The time is ripe to cease the opportunity of new consciousness, in the heart, mind and soul. The Earth feminine energy is offering the opportunity to own your power to change and ascend while still in physical embodiment. Welcome the shift and let your world ascend into integration and healing.

The Child of the Earth Design is present to Be the action to take to allow this ascension to occur to arrive at your Soul’s purpose.

The child is a reminder of the perfect design that already exists within all of us. We release the pains and memories trapped in our emotional bodies, as we shift our DNA and vibrate harmoniously with our original blueprint of Creation. Cease every opportunity to be present and honest in each moment to align with your divine essence.

We all want the outcome of forgiveness, especially for ourselves. We have buried so many emotions within that the Earth responds as a reflection of its need to release and transmute all that isn't usable for the new dimensional vibrations that are already present.

A shining Fire Priestess of Forgiveness, is the outcome for this world reading.

The number 6 represents balance, equal, partnership.

Leo in Jupiter represents the letting go of ego, control and judgements of others forever by opening to the absolution of transmutation of the old into the new heart space held for oneself and for others. Let the world and our personal DNA be transformed through the power of forgiveness.

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