Know ThySelf

Knowing, Forgiving and Loving Thyself,

are all journeys that are worthy of exploring,

Life is not a destination that is limited to one expression of existence, rather a beautiful array of interconnected and infinite journeys of the Higher Self.

~ Alisha Roberts



At many points within life, As humans, we live from various states of conditioning, love, fears, intuitive knowing and primal instincts. At others, we live and exists from the heart which we give, do and be just because it feels good and without thought or care of why.  At times, we claim we know ourselves, yet shelter ourselves from change and deep inner reflective moments, that trigger defense, denial then revelations of truths that are sometimes to painful to explore let alone verbalize. 

We then begin to create a world that is more easy and alike the masks we begin to become comfortable wearing, strengthening the Ego and Id, that this is best for Self. However, another cycle comes, which seems to appear out of nowhere, and illness, accidents, loss, attacks, triggers or more drug and hallucinogenic are needed to separate from one's Higher and lower Self.

However, what is the true sources of the spark of love and fear?

What is the source of the Conscious and Unconscious being-ness or lack of being?


To answer these questions, one will truly need to go within. Critical questions must be asked and answered. 


Of course you will have to arrive at your own decision of what it all means, however, one thing is certain.. if you can not take ownership of your thoughts, words and actions, if you do not take the time to go within and honor ALL that's there to a match who you truly are,  you will be on a roller coaster ride of emotional experiences that even if you try to not know or be aware, say you don't care, be deceptive, hide, be in denial or private; tests, lessons and opportunities will continue to present themselves, for the Light to shine into the darkness, so that your Soul can evolve, move forward and experience the life it came here to experience with true acceptance. 


Why should I take this journey?


All because you are worthy to live an authentic life and evolve into oneness of your True Self. 


This journey is already happening and occurs over many lifetimes because we are Infinite Beings.....



If you are reading these words , is it because you wrote this into your experience to remember.

So don't despair nor concern yourself with what stage you are at.... 

Be gentle with yourself and others...

Injoy your journey


Every experience, regardless if perceived as bad, wrong or unjust, is working towards your highest Good.


Continue on your journey with sincere love, gratitude and a deep appreciation for yourself,

You are loved and worthy of the life you truly want to live.


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