Journey and Service Kits

Each kit is designed for the Journey.

Soul 2 Soul Light Workers Of Humanity Kits


Soul 2 Soul True Self Services, has identified those individuals whom work for the greater good of humanity, regardless of age, color, creed, gender, as well as, financial, mental or social status as a LightWorker Of Humanity.


Over the years, many teachers, special needs educators, parents and providers, intuitively gifted individuals, health care providers and individuals who work in emergency or high stress environments   has come to Alisha, for metaphysical tools and guidance to navigate the path of a LightWorker of Humanity in a way that releases stress, cleared of draining energies, seeking balance, keep themselves grounded, understanding the calling vs programing and how to open up to discern the meaning of it all.

As positive liberator, we must take care of ourselves, work together and continue to be the sacred door keepers of peace, life, energy, wholeness, expandsion and elvoluation advancements for humanity.

Each kit is designed to assist a Light Worker of Humanity in protection, clarity, peace and stability.

You can also create your own kit to fit your needs.


Each kit is designed to assit a specific journe with protection, clarity, peace and stability. An item of each of the 4 elements will be inculded. 

You can also ala cart and  create your own kit to fit your needs.

Self Love Journey 

Shadow Journey

Soul Work Journey   
Know Thyself Journey

True Self Journey

Sankofa Journey

Chiron Journey



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