Intuitive Soul Coaching

SOUL 2 SOUL INTUITIVE SOUL COACHING SESSIONS are designed to provide one with Liberation from perceived traumatic, confusing and painful experiences from the past and present, as well as fears of the future.


Intuitive Soul Coaching Sessions focuses on helping you to view your situation from a more spiritual perspective, to help you free yourself from the stress and anxiety that it holds in your present, material existence and move forward with a path that best fulfills your desires and highest good. Regardless of which ethnic, spiritual or religious belief you have chosen to follow, I am willing to assist you in feeling more harmonious within honoring your Higher guidance and your human experiences.

My services are a combination of intuitive guidance, spiritual counseling and metaphysical experiences.

 By using my emphatic and intuitive abilities to gain insight into the issues you present to me I assist you to better understand the perceived issues. I also use my educational and personal experienced background in Metaphysics to assist you in see things from a higher perspective, make the best decisions, and finding peace. 

In addition to my own intuitive abilities, Tarot or Oracle cards are used in INTENTIONAL sessions.

Intuitive Soul Coaching Sessions entails a half or an hour of listening, identifying and assisting one in self realizing that the answers they seek are within and assisting one in clarifying what their heart truly wants in the situation. 

  • Please note that it is possible for your Ancestors to come through. This is not a guarantee, but a possibility. 

Currently, All Sessions are provided via phone conference.

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Introduction Soul Session is for those individuals who are looking for a safe space to release their truths and discover themselves in a whole new way.

What To Expect

  • This a meet and greet. It gives one a chance to feel the moments of meeting me and what one wants to share about their life.

  • A time to release and sort out what is being experiencing, what one actual have and truly desire.

  • Discover a better knowing and acceptance about oneself and who one truly is.





Intentional Soul Coaching Session is for those individuals who are ready to focus on specific areas of their lives and be willing to take responsibility for what they want harmony and acceptance in.

Natal Astrology and Human Design are used to identify specific focal areas. 

What To Expect

  • 3 area(s) of spiritual clarity and direction on specify situations. 

  • half hour of listening and half hour of coaching.

  • Oracle Cards drawn twice.

  • spiritual well-beingness techniques on how to flow through the energy.

  • Details are emailed for personal record of the session.

By choosing my service, I AM willing to assist with clarity, self-empowerment and self-acceptance of the human experiences as a Spiritual Being. I do so by choosing my free will to connect with and open up to my Higher Self  on your behalf. I share with  you uninterrupted time, full presence and my deep listening skills to you. I prepare and spiritually attune myself and my  space for your session. 


I offer understanding and full acceptance of you and your crossroad. Together, we discuss possible strategies to assist you to move in more harmonious motions.

Via empathic insight, I guide you through the wisdom of your experiences by expansion and connectivity of reality vs. perceptions. 

I AM willing to assist you in discovering if you have any self defeating tendencies, limited or outdated belief systems, repeated patterns of adverse karma and misuse of Will and unrealistic expectations. 

I AM  also willing to assist you in discovering your hidden sides and expand your view point of your strengthens and powers.

Once clarity of the path you want to choose, depending on the service you choose, I either offer suggestions of spiritual tools, resources, techniques and/or people that you can choose to assist your specific journey or I can provide other spiritual services such as:

Shadow work , Self Work, Book of True Self , Book of Self Mastery , Astrology Chart Reading , Human Design Reading