Energy being chart Reading


Energy Being Chart Readings are performed with my insights into Human Design, Astrology, Numerology and other Esoteric knowledge that focus upon the energetic make up of an individual.


With my combined 18 yrs of study, classes, researches, teaching and experience with Astrology combined with my own intuitive guidance and your granted permission to access the foundational science and mathematics of you, along with answering 6 questions that is offered to assist with one with simplifying and getting the most out of the timed session, one will be able to gain clarity and began doing the work of their Soul.

I am not a member of  Ra Uru Hu  Jovian Archives Organization, nor a professional or student under his foundation. I am a novice, self-taught individual, whom was introduced to it in 2014 by one of his students .


Human Design alchemy, is made up of the principles of Astrology, The  I-Ching, Kabbalah, Quantum Physics and Hindu-Brahmin Chakra System. Combined is creates an unique "Body Graph" known as Human Design.


By expanding and unveiling the deeper essence of who you truly are, I am able to assist and offer suggestions that are more realistic for you as an individual from an alchemy of various esoteric systems. Thus, self acceptance and deeper appreciation for your past and present experiences, which liberates your Soul, to freely express and create the future of your Authentic True Self, is felt and lived within healthier ways of life. 


At the end of the session, you will receive your information via email, in order to assist you in the area of Liberation.

When choosing a reading, it is best to be prepared by pondering what exactly do you want to address and have clarity in so as to maximize your time. A questionnaire is provided once deposit is made to assist with this process. If there are any concerns or desires, email, text or message me to ensure your session addresses your requests.


If you are choosing one of the Energy Being, Astrology for the Soul Reading, or  purchasing one of the  "Journey" services,  I will need your birth name, time of birth, date and place your were born (city, state).

Currently, all readings and sessions are provided via email or phone conference.

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AyLaina “AnaLyraSis” Thornton of Through Hazel Windows©

I chose a rating of 10 because it was the highest permitted on the scale. My soul screamed 100 but alas I followed the directions. I purchased the human design reading because I wanted to understand how to flow better with my design. I learned self-love in the way that I always questioned how I knew things or why at times those things were not easily digested by others. Learning that my intuition can sometimes be ahead of others understanding or willingness was both validating and cautioning. It allowed me to be sensitive to the palatability of my words without digressing from my purpose or intentions.


As for shadow self-issues I learned how to FEEL my way through decisions and not think my way through them. I learned how at times I have worked against my very design by people pleasing and not putting self-first. I was unaware of how this was manifesting in many areas of my life including my health. 


By learning my specific design, my open centers and channels, and points to be mindful of I gained a greater understanding at how to expand the growth of my soul but better interpreting how to work harmoniously with my design as it pertains to the design of others with in the oneness of all.I exceeded my goals and any expectations I had walking in.

Kamelle, Michigan

"Even though these services and processes are new to me, each one helped me understand who I am and my purpose here on earth.


I've had 3 services, and rated each one a 10 because after leaving my sessions, I understood my purpose.

I was able to decipher what my triggers were. I understood why I get sick and why I feel everyone’s pain easily. 

Did  you achieve your goal with the service? Yes

Did you need additional services?

No, but I wanted more information so I would continue to go back for more services.

Would you recommend the service you had to others? Yes, I would recommend the services to others.


It’s a process and I honestly would recommend all of the services, with each one, you learn different things about yourself. With each service it helps to start the process of being your higher self. Although I have not had all the services, I do plan to continue my journey and adding on the other services slowly."

Alicia - Detroit, Mi

Alisha is down to earth, knowledgeable, and connected to the spirit to lead you where you should go. After she leads you, she steps aside  giving you the tools for you to fix your life.


Doing the work is not always easy, but if you have been led to her there is a true blue print and design for your life, to live and vibrate on a higher level!


I am grateful for her and from the depths of my soul love and appreciate her.


Start your journey today. 

Calling Alisha was one of the best decisions I've ever made!