Chiron Liberation


The symbol for Chiron looks like a key as it is believed to be the key to our soul and the key to integrating the responsibilities and wisdom that Saturn brings, with the freedom, liberation and new innovations that Uranus brings.



Chiron is an asteroid, also identified as a  comet, which orbits between Saturn and Uranus. As such, shows up in our individual natal charts with a unique and erratic energies to embrace within thus sharing its gift with the world.

Everyone has an experience around the ages of 7 - 9ish, that affects them for the rest of their life. This core experience, becomes a theme to which one must decide to alchemy into their live spiritually or suffer from not addressing its core lesson. 


Those of us born after March of 1968 and before April 1977 represent a generational group with Chiron in Aries. I'm August 1968. 


Our adverse experience and healing has to do with Aries themes in our lives: self discovery,  independence, maverick thinking/action, lack of self worth, impulsiveness, selfishness, and conflict.

Healing Gifts: Empowering people to embrace their individuality, channeling anger into creative expression, fearless individuality, modeling independence.


In my early studies, Chiron being symbolized as the “wounded healer” I was lead to think it was something to actually heal within .

Because Chiron wasn't discovered until 1977, and I could not find it relating to older civilizations that predated Greek mythology, I didn't give it to much though as I focused upon other areas of interest. .


However, around the age of 45, Chiron spoke to me again. I revisited it to discover, how accurate it was in my life's experiences.  It wasn't until I was 50, it appeared with a bang again. Creating and experiencing major shifts in my life, I focused upon my journey, to witch, Chiron was highlighting the way and all I could do was surrender. and give thanks for all the work I had done before and allow the radical and transformation to take place. I was willing to  continue to do my work and be fearless for whatever was necessary to fulfill my agreement of which I realize I am bound by because I am worth.


Now I've arrived just past it's second rotation within my journey here, and have realized, its not something to heal, rather to embrace, transform and expand through Sankofa about myself.

To embrace the mixture of being human and spirit. I am here to be the best at my independance and share with others the beautiy of being an individual within partnerships. Being comfortable with your lane without need to compete, feel left out nor limited by self or other.


Chiron has assisted me in  being aware of and governing one's personal right to be sensitive to energies and motions. Every one is different, all energies work on different modes, needs and frequencies. When we are unaware of this, primal nature takes over and fight or flight kicks in. When we are aware, we are able to identify our individual sources and create harmonious exchanges with mutual respect, honor, compassion and support for one another. When a person need boundaries, its for them, it isn't personal. It's only personal if you don't allow yourself to have boundaries. If this doesn't work within the partnership, changes and letting go with inner peace and acceptance can be achieved.


Via doing my work, I have developed and manifested "healing" via acceptance and focusing upon what is for me. I am gifted with expansion of my mind and heart as I shared with others who are in harmony with my phases. This journey has been so liberating for myself and those who have been willing to take the journey with me. Even those who were unwilling are amongst my greatest blessings, for which I am very grateful for experiencing. I trust they are free and living an authentic life of their heart's desires.









Facts about Chiron

It points to one's spiritual gift and healing powers.


It is located in the space we feel the most resistance and struggle.


The experiences can be deep and multidimensional, yet there are always assistance along the journey.


It forces us to face and expand our thoughts, perceptions and limitations, by sharing it with others.

As your find and utilize your medicine, you feel better. 

It's not about the wound, rather the solution that is highlighted.

Chiron integrates and inspires one's mental, spiritual and physical aspects to work together. 

Unless one lives to be 100, you will only have one Chiron Return.

Chiron Return

All Chiron returns challenge us to get more in touch with our needs, feelings, and past hurts.

Chiron spends more time in Aries than in any other sign, many people are born with Chiron in Aries. If you are born between April 1968 – May 1976 and October 1976 – March 1977 your Chiron is in Aries.

Click here to see what sign your Chiron was in at your time of birth..


Chiron Return occurs around the age of 49 - 51. It is called a return because it is at the same position it was when one was born.

It presents a reset button, with all one has learned before the return to be utilized to begin a new cycle in life.

It offers opportunity for wisdom of the past to be utilized, in order to have a spiritual upgrade in life.


It can begin to manifest as a "shock and awe" effect in one's life to draw one to pay attention to one's lessons in life if the area (house it is located in your  natal chart.) has more to grow within. We have a right to use free will, however it is in using free will with the proper alignment of our destiny that one can achieve their fullest potential .


Chiron's purpose is to create a change necessary for growth and expansion. of one's mind, heart and soul.

It will expose your weakest points and places where you need to be vulnerable. It will show you the truths of who's who in your life. How you have taught people to treat you and what you really think and feel about them and vs versa.

You can focus outside yourself and respond in anger, fear or mis-placed justice, or you can feel the way, release it and transmute it into useful energies. I surrendered to least resistance and still was called to stand my ground. In doing so, it offer a new awareness and healing opportunity. It allowed me to release more baggage I wasn't even aware that I was carrying and begin a whole new life.

You begin to accept yourself as whole and complete with nothing to fix. You embrace your life and the energies you attract. You how no expectations, rather enjoyments of the moments. You honor who you are and appreciate you just for being you!