Chiron Journey



Chiron represents our deepest adverse experiences and our efforts to transform the experience into a harmonious liberation that others can benefit from. 

You can click here to learn more about Chiron or google for more information.

Chiron Journey is for those individuals who are willing to revisit a painful experience in their lifetime and understand it's meaning within one's life via astrology and other esoteric systems. I recommend doing research beforehand, as there are loads of free information on Chiron and Chiron Returns. Our service is for those who want a more detail mapping about themselves and their journey.

Soul 2 Soul True Self Services are not a psychologist or physician. We utilize astrology, to verify the location of Chiron in one's chart and assist the individual to expand out it's perceptions. Upon cross referencing one's specific esoteric blueprints, recommendations of various types are made, as well as other support options are available. 

We highly recommend if you are mentally and emotionally unstable, to seek professional assistance  ASAP.

Prices begin at $20 for a basic astrological breakdown.

add Aspects and transists for an additional $20

Chiron basic information with asspects and a 60 minute phone consultation, $60

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