Card Readings


Card readings are utilized as a divination tool to assist one in having clarity within their life with a medium as a guide to interpret what the cards draw means.


Different decks have different methods and ways of arriving at an answer, however, they all serve the same purpose, to assist a person to become clear about the energy that is present within and surrounding a particular circumstance.


Life can become so overwhelming and a person block within themselves that they can not be able to tap into their own intuition, even though the energy is present and available. Hence the purpose of a conduit also know as a "diviner" or "oracle".


I am a Soul Liberator as well as a empathic conduit and oracle to those who come to me. My innate intuitive skills, grant me the gift of being able to see within the darkness and what is hidden within, I am also gifted with an openness to allow Higher Messages to flow through me to deliver to others. This may or may not include one's ancestors.

You have the option of speaking your question out loud or saying it internally and then directing the shuffle and cut of the cards.


There are many styles of readings to choose from. 

Single Card Reading

This reading is utilized for a daily messages for the day, current situation and for clarity or confirmation after releasing one's truth or guidance in making a decision. 

The options of three card spreads are African Goddess, Angel, Goddesses of the World, Heart, Kemetic/Egyptian and Crystal Cards.

Multiple Mini-Readings

This reading is utilized for those who seek guidance to address multiple areas of concern or wanting a simple reading of the current situation. Choose from one card per question or three card per question.

A one card draw addresses what is happening in the current situation. 


First card: what is happening currently.

Second card: what is needed to address the situation.

Third card: possible outcome if one follows what is requested.

A three card draw consists of;

Yoni Spread from Goddesses of the World, 

African Goddess, Angel, Goddesses of the World, Heart, Kemetic/Egyptian and Crystal Cards.


Crystal Card Readings

Crystal card reading can be chosen as an one card drawing or more. Choose from a intentional crystal card reading based on a one card drawing, mini- card reading, Trinity Spread, Pyramid Spread, Elemental Spread, Charka Spread and Heaven & Earth Spread. 

Full Readings

Full readings are more detailed and gives more insight into the question/situation. They can be a five or more card reading. each card representing a specific message surrounding the energy of the purpose of the reading.

five card spreads options;


Wings of Ast in the Kemetic/Egyptian Spreads that are also.

"Pyramid," and "Elemental Spreads" from the Crystal Spread.

Seven card readings are Chakra and Heaven & Earth Crystal Spread.


A nine card spread option is the Golden Sun of Hru Egyptian Spread from the Kemetic Spread.

A twelve card spread option is a Calendar Spread in the Heart Spread.


A thirteen card spread option is a "Spiral Spread" from the Goddesses of The World.

It is suggested to record or have a journal to write down your reading. When applicable, affirmations, suggested rituals and invocations are given to assist with achieving your goals. 

Choose your reading and book today.