Accountability Partner

 What Is An Accountability Partner?


An accountability partner is a person who enters into a two way agreement and commitment to remind you of the goals you’ve set for yourself. 

They don’t set the goals, you do. They may make suggestions, however, they are there simply to remind you of what you said you were going to do.


The price ranges varies depending on the level of need one has. 


Basic Accountability Partner 


Daily text message, one time to a few times on a specific day and time. This includes reminders text of deadlines and motivational encouragement. 

Price starting @ $5 once a day. Monday - Friday only.

Fire Warmer Packages

Five once a day motivational reminder text: $20 a week. 

Five once a day, motivation Text reminder and 1 phone call: $25 a week.

Fire Motivator Package

Two motivational texts. twice a day and three phone calls per week for  two weeks. $155


Daily phone call, one time to a few times on a specific day and time. This includes reminders text of deadlines, 24 hr. confirmation of agreed upon call day/time and motivational encouragement.

Monday - Friday only.

Prices starting @ $10 a day (10 minute phone call limit).


Fire Vibrational Warmer Packages:

Three  Phone Calls Wild Card: Use same day or for a specific goal deadline. $25

Five daily phone call, once a day (10 minute limit ) for two weeks. $85

Five daily phone calls and one daily text message: $53

Ankh Fire Breath Package:

Masculine and Feminine Motivational twice a day phone calls for two weeks $190

add two phone calls for $200

Steady Fire Package:

Nine 1-hour, three times a week combination of phone and text sessions designed to ensure you are meeting your goals and readjustig where needed. This package is designed for those with long term goals of 3 months   -  Starting at $350

Strategy Accountability Partner 


A Strategy Accountability Partner is a person whom assist you to develop a plan and the course of action you decide to take.


Flat fee of $120 for up to an 1 hr. to assist you to develop a plan. 

$20 an hour after initial hour is up.


All Services Are Pre-Paid before render.