About Us

Soul 2 Soul True Self Services Mission is to assist willing individuals, to move forward with a connection to one’s True Self.

Soul 2 Soul True Self Services Goal is to share specific techniques tailored for the individual to take responsibility and be accountable for each experience one has and transform it into useful energy to evolve within their Soul’s Journey as a part of a Collective Consciousness.

SOUL 2 SOUL LIBERATION SERVICES are designed to assist one in being aware and intentional about the way they are loving themselves from their specific blueprint.

What makes Soul 2 Soul True Self Services uniquely different is that each journey is specifically designed by YOU. It is based off YOUR science and mathematics from various esoteric systems.

Soul 2 Soul True Self Services, complies and share the information with you. YOU have the Divine Right to use your free will to do what you choose with it.


When one choose to use their free will to liberate and do the work of their own Soul, the heart can assist and guide the mind to accept who you truly are.  


One's Soul begins to align with one's heart and mind; guiding and attracting within a unified trinity. The experiences to be free from fears that limit one from evolving becomes gentle to no contrast due to conscious awareness.


One attraction lead you to this page.

Choose from one on one conversation to detailed information on your unique ancient and modern charts.

Email to set up your free first consultation to determine which service is best for you.

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